Vicky Park Film Nights

A creative partnership between Victoria Park Baptist Church and Shawm Kreitzman offering a chance to enjoy, learn and critique films together.

Everyone is welcome. Our screenings are usually free.
Our Café, where you can buy non-alcoholic drinks and homemade cakes, opens at 7.00pm ahead of the film screenings at 7.30pm, and Shawm will be available to discuss the films.


We are continuing our film nights in January with a new series.

Read Shawm's Blog for more details and discussion.

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186 Grove Road, London E3 5TG
020 8981 0735

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Shawm has lived in Bow for over twenty years and is an avid collector and stereo photographer.

He has taught classes in Music and Film for Birkbeck University of London and the Workers Educational Association.

Shawm's observations in both the E3-3D and History of Film presentations are valuable and have enriched the way we watch film.

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