VPBC is committed to team leadership. In addition to the Pastor there are currently seven Deacons who individually and corporately make a distinctive contribution.

Jane Thorington-Hassell, our pastor since 1985 has recently retired. We are very thankful for her years of faithful service. We are in the process of finding a new pastor with the help of a Moderator from the London Baptist Association.

Becky Gbande, Deacon (19K)

Becky is married to Cephas and they have 3 children. Her key role is Church Secretary and her lead area is Welcome & Hospitality.

Hilary Papworth, Deacon (25K)

Hilary is a retired deputy head teacher. She is married to Neil and they have two sons. Her key role is Church Treasurer and her lead area is Finance.

Toks Atanda, Deacon (22K)

Toks is a Solicitor Advocate who works alongside her husband Kehinde in the family law firm. They have 4 children. She assists with the 0-4 year olds during the Sunday services.

Bolaji Yoyole, Deacon (19K)

Bolaji is married to Wonu and they have 3 children. He believes in finding new ways to emphasise the church's relevance in a fast changing and dynamic society. His lead area is Social Media.

Liz Morris, Deacon (21K)

Liz is a practice nurse working in a local GP surgery. She is married to John and they have a daughter. Her lead area is Creative Worship.

Pauline Facey, Deacon (23K)

Pauline works for a community development organisation. Her lead area is Events & Buildings Front of House.

John Morris, Deacon (21K)

John is a youth and community worker. He is married to Liz. His lead area is Youth and Children.

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