VPBC is committed to team leadership. We are between full-time pastors at the moment, and have 9 elected Deacons who are leading with support from a Moderator.

John Morris, Deacon (21K)

John Morris

Becky Gbande, Deacon (19K)

Becky Gbande

Toks Atanda, Deacon (22K)

Toks Atanda

Neville Reid, Deacon (21K)

Neville Reid

Liz Morris, Deacon (21K)

Liz Morris

Pauline Facey, Deacon (23K)

Pauline Facey

Bolaji Yoloye, Deacon (19K)

Bolaji Yoloye

Anne Broad, Deacon (19K)

Anne Broad

Adilson Braz, Deacon(19K)

Adilson Braz

Paul Unsworth, Moderator (19K)

Paul Unsworth

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