We meet every Sunday at 10.30am to worship together through singing, praying, listening, reflecting, discussing, creating, giving and serving.

We have limited capacity to run separate creche or young peoples' groups at the moment but there are usually some colouring or craft activities available.

Everyone is welcome. Refreshments are served after all services, so if you don't have to rush off stay to have a drink and chat with someone you've never met before!


Recordings of many of our Sunday sermons can be listened to via our download page.


Morning Prayer

Meet at the church at 8am to pray together.


Prayer course

This group meets in the church at 7.00pm and is led by Anne. Please speak to her or another leader if you want more information.


Film night

A creative partnership with Shawm Kreitzman offering a chance to enjoy, learn and critique films together. Everyone is welcome and our screenings are usually free. Our Café opens at 7.00pm and the films are screened from 7.30pm. More information here.

Get in Touch

186 Grove Road, London E3 5TG
020 8981 0735

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